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2010-12-29 15:16:05 by wishaponapixel

I feel bad when I upload a lot of old stuff when I have very little new stuff to show on here );
Besides here, the only other online art galleries I have are Devart and Pixel Joint.

Pixel Joint

I also have a youtube which I post some proccess videos and a FB "fanpage" where I just upload WIPs and sketches.


BTW, I stopped using mspaint back in June/July '10 so the recent mspaint process videos that are uploaded are old stuff that were sitting on my HD.

To make up for the lack of new finished stuff, here's an ezio pixel that I started during the fall semester :D

Other sites


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2011-01-15 23:59:37

Haven't even gotten around to (scanning and) posting yet so... some very nice work! Just checked your devart page; you show a lot of discipline.


2011-02-18 12:40:29

Pixel art ftw.


2011-04-24 02:28:19

I think you could put all your links on the "contact info" part of your NG page.. havn't tried it myself. Glad you're continuing to post your pixel art here!


2011-09-17 15:59:45

Your very good at pixel aart have you ever thought of being the artist for a flash.